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Xbox 360 system update 2.0.16547.0 ge-released

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Microsoft heeft een nieuwe kernel update 2.0.16547.0 uitgebracht via Xbox LIVE, met voornamelijk veranderingen binnen het account management systeem. 

Source: http://www.xboxscene.com/

The changelog:

• ‘Some changes have been made to how child accounts are managed and created.’

Right now people are reporting that Xk3y and LT3 are safe:

  • The X360Key still works after the update, all games will be launched without any trouble.
  • The Flash (LT +3.0 – LTU2.0) also works perfectly, games will always be engraved with a IHAS or clone.

But as always, and if you use any of those devices, be careful when updating!

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